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Archive of News


  • 2023/06, “Residential HVAC Aggregation Based on Risk-averse Multi-armed Bandit Learning for Secondary Frequency Regulation” was selected as one of the 100 outstanding Science and Technology Journal Papers in Jiangsu Province. Congrats, Xinyi Chen.
  • 2023/06, I was awarded Nanjing outstanding returnees (10 yearly awardees).
  • 2023/06, our paper “A Review of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) for Wildfire Mitigation: Policies, Practices, Models and Data Sources” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation.
  • 2023/06, congratulations to Weichun Zhang, Jiayun Ding, Yan Huang, Yinbin Yang, Jing Peng, Zhuolin Cao, and Yong Zhang for passing their thesis defense.
  • 2023/05, “Intelligent Self-sensing Insulation Equipment and System based on Terahertz” won the first prize of Jiangsu Province in the Challenge Cup. Congrats, Xin Li, Yinjun Liu, Ding Ma, and Boyu Zhang.
  • 2023/05, “Intelligent Self-sensing Insulator” and “Enabling Active Support - Self-synchronous Voltage Source Converter” won the gold medal at the Geneva Invention Exhibition. Congrats, Shengzhe Yang, Haohui Ding, Rushuai Han, and Shaohui Wu.
  • 2023/04, I was promoted to professor.
  • 2023/04, the paper “Microgrid Optimal Scheduling considering battery life in the low-temperature environment” was accepted by the Proceedings of the CSEE. Congrats, Jiayun Ding.
  • 2023/01, our paper “Imitation Learning Based Fast Power System Production Cost Minimization Simulation” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Power Systems. Congrats, Zishan Guo.


  • 2022/10, our paper “An optimal bidding and scheduling method for load service entities considering demand response uncertainty” was accepted by Applied Energy. Congrats, Rushuai.
  • 2022/06, congratulations to Yuan Zhao, Jiaming Chen, Yiheng Liang, Yongkang Zhu, Xiecheng Yao for passing their thesis defense.
  • 2022/04, won five silver prizes in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, congratulations to all HESL members.
  • 2022/03, won the First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province.
  • 2022/03, congratulations to Haohui Ding for passing his thesis defense.
  • 2022/01, our paper “Privacy-preserving Hybrid Cloud Framework for Real-time TCL-based Demand Response” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Cloud Computing. Congrats, Linwei.
  • 2022/01, our paper “Topological partition-based multi-energy flow calculation method for complex integrated energy systems” was accepted by Energy. Congrats, Yiheng.
  • 2022/01, our paper “Grid-Forming Inverter Enabled Virtual Power Plants with Inertia Support Capability” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid. Congrats, Rushuai.


  • 2021/11, Haohui Ding won National Scholarship for Graduate Students(Top 2.5%). Congratulations to Haohui!
  • 2021/09, won the 1st prize in “Challenge Cup” National Academic Science and Technology Competition for College Students (as advisor). Congratulations to Haohui, and Jiayun!
  • 2021/09, our paper “Assessment of plum rain’s impact on power system emissions in Yangtze-Huaihe River basin of China” was accepted by Nature Communication.
  • 2021/08, our paper “Adaptive Master-Slave Control Strategy for Medium Voltage DC Distribution Systems Based on a Novel Nonlinear Droop Controller” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid.
  • 2021/08, our paper “A user selection algorithm for aggregating electric vehicle demands based on a multi‐armed bandit approach” was accepted by IET Energy Systems Integration.
  • 2021/07, won the 2nd prize in “Internet +” National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students of Jiangsu Province (as advisor). Congratulations to Haohui, Jing, and Yihen!
  • 2021/07, our paper “Cost and low-carbon competitiveness of electrolytic hydrogen in China” was accepted by Energy & Environmental Science.
  • 2021/05, hosted IEEE PES Day Event: Young Professional and IEEE PES. Thank Xinyi and Jiaming for managing the broadcasting room on bilibili.
  • 2021/04, our paper “Optimal demand response strategy of commercial building‐based virtual power plant using reinforcement learning” was accepted by IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.
  • 2021/04, our paper “交直流配电网柔性多状态开关电压自适应控制策略” was accepted by 电力系统自动化.
  • 2021/04, Haohui Ding won Ziquan Scholarship for Graduate Students (5/480). Congratulations to Haohui!
  • 2021/04, won the Third Prize in the Teaching Competition of Southeast University.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Control of grid-forming application for fuel cell/electrolyser system” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Economic operation of integrated energy systems considering combined production of hydrogen and medical oxygen” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/01, became a member of Nanjing Federation.
  • 2021/01, our paper “电压控制型并网逆变器瞬时功率降阶控制方法” was accepted by 电力系统自动化.


  • 2020/12, our paper “美国加州 2020 年轮流停电事故分析及其对中国电网的启示” was accepted by 电力系统自动化.
  • 2020/11, our paper “Redesigning Capacity Market to Include Flexibility via Ramp Constraints in High-Renewable Penetrated System” was accepted by the International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (IJEPES).
  • 2020/11, won the First Prize of Energy Innovation Award of China Energy Research Association.
  • 2020/11, won the First Prize of China Electric Power Innovation Award.
  • 2020/11, won the First prize of Jiangsu Power Science Progress Award.
  • 2020/10, our paper “Residential HVAC Aggregation Based on Risk-Averse Multi-Armed Bandit Learning Approach for Secondary Frequency Regulation” was accepted by the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE).
  • 2020/10, Linwei Sang won National Scholarship for Graduate Students (Top 0.2%). Congratulations to Linwei!
  • 2020/09/28, Dr. Hu started teaching Introduction to Integrated Energy System (in English) at Southeast University in fall 2020.
  • 2020/09/25, The Application and Practices of Matlab of Southeast University Summer School successfully concluded.
  • 2020/09/22, Served as chair of the penal session Renewable & Sustainable Energy Technologies in IEEE APPEEC, Nanjing, China.
  • 2020/09/11, Won the Gold Award (as advisor) in the 11th “Challenge Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition. Congratulations to Zhang Ziyi, Rong Yupeng, Duan Xiaohan, Bian Ziyue, Zhang Xiaoxia, Feng Yanjun, Huang Li, Ma Haonan.
  • 2020/08/31, Dr. Hu started teaching The Application and Practices of Matlab at Southeast University Summer School.


  • 2018/12, We received State Key Lab Research Fund from NARI (the largest electric power equipment vendor in China) to explore how the regional electric power grid can benefit from distributed control algorithms.
  • 2018/12, I received the “Best Reviewer of 2018” award from IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid.
  • 2018/11, Our paper “Human Circadian Rhythm Detection Using Modern Power Grids” (submitted on 09/2018) is accepted by Global Energy Interconnection.
  • 2018/11, Serving as guest editor of a special issue on International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems – Integrated Planning, Operation and Control of Multi-Energy Systems.
  • 2018/11, Our paper “Dispatchable Generation of a Novel Compressed-Air Assisted Wind Turbine and its Operation Mechanism” is accepted by IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy.
  • 2018/10, I presented our work “Unlocking Underutilized Grid Assets by Learning Techniques” on 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy lnternet and Energy System Integration, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China
  • 2018/09, I presented our work “The Anomaly Detection of a Demand Response Survey Adopting Local Outlier Factor” and served as session chair on The 7th International Conference on Renewable Power Generation 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2018/08, I presented our work “Power System Capacity Expansion under Higher Penetration of Renewables Considering Flexibility Constraints and Low Carbon Policies” on IEEE PES General Meeting 2018 at Portland, OR, United States
  • 2018/03, I presented our work “Unlocking Underutilized Grid Assets by Learning Techniques: A Case Study on Residential Demand Response” at 52nd Conference on Information Sciences and Systems at Princeton University
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