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About Me

Qinran Hu, Ph.D.
School of Electrical Engineering
Southeast University
mail: x@y, x = qhu, y =


  • We are seeking Ph.D. and M.S. candidates who are interested in data analytics, optimization, and control in power distribution systems. Please refer to the specific qualifications here.
  • I will give an online talk on National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Power Systems Communication seminar in Lanzhou, China from Nov. 27-28, 2021.
  • I will give a talk on the 8th Frontier Symposium for Young Scholars in Electrical Discipline held by Electrotechnical Society in Wenzhou, China on Dec. 3-5, 2021.
  • I will attend IEEE PES iSPEC 2021 in Nanjing, China on Dec. 23-24, 2021.

Recent News

  • 2021/11, Haohui Ding won National Scholarship for Graduate Students(Top 2.5%). Congratulations to Haohui!
  • 2021/09, won the 1st prize in “Challenge Cup” National Academic Science and Technology Competition for College Students (as advisor). Congratulations to Haohui, Jiayun, and Yufeng!
  • 2021/09, our paper “Assessment of plum rain’s impact on power system emissions in Yangtze-Huaihe River basin of China” was accepted by Nature Communication.
  • 2021/08, our paper “Adaptive Master-Slave Control Strategy for Medium Voltage DC Distribution Systems Based on a Novel Nonlinear Droop Controller” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid.
  • 2021/08, our paper “A user selection algorithm for aggregating electric vehicle demands based on a multi‐armed bandit approach” was accepted by IET Energy Systems Integration.
  • 2021/07, won the 2nd prize in “Internet +” National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students of Jiangsu Province (as advisor). Congratulations to Haohui, Yufeng, Jing, and Yihen!
  • 2021/07, our paper “Cost and low-carbon competitiveness of electrolytic hydrogen in China” was accepted by Energy & Environmental Science.
  • 2021/05, hosted IEEE PES Day Event: Young Professional and IEEE PES. Thank Xinyi and Jiaming for managing the broadcasting room on bilibili.
  • 2021/04, our paper “Optimal demand response strategy of commercial building‐based virtual power plant using reinforcement learning” was accepted by IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.
  • 2021/04, our paper “交直流配电网柔性多状态开关电压自适应控制策略” was accepted by 电力系统自动化.
  • 2021/04, Haohui Ding won Ziquan Scholarship for Graduate Students (5/480). Congratulations to Haohui!
  • 2021/04, won the Third Prize in the Teaching Competition of Southeast University.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Control of grid-forming application for fuel cell/electrolyser system” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Economic operation of integrated energy systems considering combined production of hydrogen and medical oxygen” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/01, became a member of Nanjing Federation.
  • 2021/01, our paper “电压控制型并网逆变器瞬时功率降阶控制方法” was accepted by 电力系统自动化.


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