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About Me

Qinran Hu, Ph.D.
School of Electrical Engineering
Southeast University
mail: x@y, x = qhu, y =


  • We are seeking Ph.D., M.S. candidates and Postdocs interested in the aggregated management of distributed energy resources, energy system design for extreme environment, and power system economics. Please refer to the specific qualifications here.

Recent News

  • 2023/09, “Intelligent Self-sensing Insulation Equipment and System based on Terahertz” won the second prize in the National Challenge Cup. Congrats, Xin Li, Yinjun Liu, and Ding Ma.
  • 2023/08, our paper “An Electrolyzer Model for Power System Operation Optimization over Broad Temperature Range” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy. Congrats, Haohui Ding.
  • 2023/07, the “Power Intelligent Sensing Equipment and System” project won the championship in the 9th China International “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Jiangsu Province. Congrats, Haohui Ding, Shengzhe Yang, Qiyu Wu, Bokang Zou, Yi Qiu and Yufan Ge!
  • 2023/06, “Residential HVAC Aggregation Based on Risk-averse Multi-armed Bandit Learning for Secondary Frequency Regulation” was selected as one of the 100 outstanding Science and Technology Journal Papers in Jiangsu Province. Congrats, Xinyi Chen.
  • 2023/06, I was awarded Nanjing outstanding returnees (10 yearly awardees).
  • 2023/06, our paper “A Review of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) for Wildfire Mitigation: Policies, Practices, Models and Data Sources” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation.
  • 2023/06, congratulations to Weichun Zhang, Jiayun Ding, Yan Huang, Yinbin Yang, Jing Peng, Zhuolin Cao, and Yong Zhang for passing their thesis defense.
  • 2023/05, “Intelligent Self-sensing Insulation Equipment and System based on Terahertz” won the first prize of Jiangsu Province in the Challenge Cup. Congrats, Xin Li, Yinjun Liu, Ding Ma, and Boyu Zhang.
  • 2023/05, “Intelligent Self-sensing Insulator” and “Enabling Active Support - Self-synchronous Voltage Source Converter” won the gold medal at the Geneva Invention Exhibition. Congrats, Shengzhe Yang, Haohui Ding, Rushuai Han, and Shaohui Wu.
  • 2023/04, I was promoted to professor.
  • 2023/04, the paper “Microgrid Optimal Scheduling considering battery life in the low-temperature environment” was accepted by the Proceedings of the CSEE. Congrats, Jiayun Ding.
  • 2023/01, our paper “Imitation Learning Based Fast Power System Production Cost Minimization Simulation” was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Power Systems. Congrats, Zishan Guo.


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