Research – Projects


  1. 2019/03 – now, PI, RMB 400k, Aggregating demand-side resources for frequency regulation, funded by GEIDCO
  2. 2019/03 – now, PI, RMB 60k, Residential demand aggregation for the grid reliability, funded by SEU
  3. 2018/03 – now, PI, RMB 300k, Intelligent regional energy system based on distributed control algorithms, funded by NARI
  4. 2018/01 – now, Co-PI, USD 112k, The technical pathways toward a reliable carbon-free energy system, funded by Harvard Provost Office


  1. 2017 – 2018, Major participant, USD 200k, Simulation-based integrated energy system planning, collaborative research projects between NARI and Harvard University
  2. 2016 – 2018, Co-PI, USD 260k, Optimal bidding and assets allocation strategy for generation companies, a collaborative research project between SAC-ABB and Harvard University
  3. 2016 – 2018, Major participant, The analysis of residential demand response behavior, collaborative research project among ThinkEco, ComEd, and Harvard University
  4. 2015 Summer, Major participant, Implementation of a wireless sensing system for smart pumping control, funded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
  5. 2010 – 2014, Major participant, USD 318k, Ensuring security and reducing price volatility of power systems with extensive controllable load, funded by Department of Energy, USA
  6. 2010 – 2011, Major participant, Controllable load for smart grid applications, funded by Electric Power Research Institute, USA
  7. 2007 – 2010, PI, RMB 30k, The design and research of the platform for the wheeled educational robot, funded by the Ministry of Education of China, 2007 – 2010