Research – Areas

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Reliable residential demand aggregation 

Residents’ energy usage preferences are complex and stochastic. Can we use machine learning techniques to predict and further control demand-side resources?

The economic analysis of future energy systems

Future multi-energy systems (electricity/heat) will integrate some novel elements including new energy storage systems, new wind/solar farm design, hydrogen producer, electric vehicles, etc. Can our grid benefit from them? How to make full use of them?

The application of energy consumption data in life science

Human is ubiquitously exposed to artificial lights while the morbidity of metabolic disease is increasing. Can we use power grid data to explore the potential relationship?

The impact of climatic events on renewable-powered energy systems

Cloud, fog, rain, and even solar eclipses are frequent phenomena which may affect our solar powered (mostly) future systems. Will our grid remain robust to those climatic events?

The electricity market in developing countries

In recent years, several developing countries started to reform their electricity market. Is there winning bidding strategy in those emerging electricity markets (eg. China)?