• Qinran Hu, Ph.D.
  • School of Electrical Engineering
  • Southeast University
  • mail: x@y, x = qhu, y = seu.edu.cn
  • web: huqinran.com
> Updated on 2021/04/10.

Recent News and Announcements

  • 2021/04, won the Third Prize in the Teaching Competition of Southeast University.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Control of grid-forming application for fuel cell/electrolyser system” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/03, our paper “Economic operation of integrated energy systems considering combined production of hydrogen and medical oxygen” was accepted by IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 2021/01, became a member of Nanjing Federation.
  • 2021/01, our paper “电压控制型并网逆变器瞬时功率降阶控制方法” was accepted by 电力系统自动化杂志.
  • 2020/12, our paper “美国加州 2020 年轮流停电事故分析及其对中国电网的启示” was accepted by 电力系统自动化杂志.
  • 2020/11, our paper “Redesigning Capacity Market to Include Flexibility via Ramp Constraints in High-Renewable Penetrated System” was accepted by the International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (IJEPES).
  • 2020/11, won the First Prize of Energy Innovation Award of China Energy Research Association.
  • 2020/11, won the First Prize of China Electric Power Innovation Award.
  • 2020/11, won the First prize of Jiangsu Power Science Progress Award.
  • 2020/10/21, our paper “Residential HVAC Aggregation Based on Risk-Averse Multi-Armed Bandit Learning Approach for Secondary Frequency Regulation” was accepted by the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE).
  • 2020/10/12, Linwei Sang won National Scholarship for Graduate Students (Top 0.2%). Congratulations, Linwei!
  • 2020/09/28, Dr. Hu started teaching Introduction to Integrated Energy System (in English) at Southeast University in fall 2020.
  • 2020/09/25, The Application and Practices of Matlab of Southeast University Summer School successfully concluded.
  • 2020/09/22, Served as chair of the penal session Renewable & Sustainable Energy Technologies in IEEE APPEEC, Nanjing, China.
  • 2020/09/11, Won the Gold Award (as advisor) in the 11th “Challenge Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition. Congratulations to Zhang Ziyi, Rong Yupeng, Duan Xiaohan, Bian Ziyue, Zhang Xiaoxia, Feng Yanjun, Huang Li, Ma Haonan.
  • 2020/08/31, Dr. Hu started teaching The Application and Practices of Matlab at Southeast University Summer School.