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Qinran Hu / 胡秦然

School of Electrical Engineering
Southeast University, Nanjing, China
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Announcements  (updated on 01/2020)

Recent News  (updated on 01/2020)

  • 01/2020, The course Introduction to Integrated Energy Systems completed. Congrats to all 16 senior undergraduate students of SEU.
  • 01/2020, I attended the conference for NSFC young scholars at Hefei.
  • 12/2019, paper “Increasing Operational Flexibility of Integrated Energy Systems by Introducing Power to Hydrogen” was accepted by IET RPG.
  • 12/2019, Serving as the guest editor of a special issue on IET RPGPower to Gas for Future Renewable Based Energy Systems.
  • 11/2019, I attended IEEE iSPEC 2019 at Beijing.
  • 11/2019, Paper “Adaptive robust energy and reserve co-optimization of integrated electricity and heating system considering wind uncertainty” was accepted by Applied Energy.
  • 10/2019, Papers “Aggregating residential demands with a multi-armed bandit approach” and “A Novel Application of Smart Grid Data: Human Circadian Rhythm Detection” were accepted by IEEE iSPEC.
  • 08/2019, Paper “A Physical Probabilistic Network Model for Distribution Network Topology Recognition Using Smart Meter Data” was accepted by IEEE Tran. on Smart Grid.
  • 07/2019, I was assigned as Secretary-General of the Electrical Engineering Discipline Teaching Committee of China Electric Power Education Association.
  • 07/2019, I was assigned as an Associate Editor for IET Renewable Power Generation.
  • 07/2019, We received the research fund for outstanding PhDs of Jiangsu province.
  • 07/2019, We received the research fund from Jiangsu association for science and technology.
  • 07/2019, I was assigned as an Associate Editor for IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

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