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Qinran Hu / 胡秦然

School of Electrical Engineering
Southeast University
Sipailou No.2, Nanjing, China
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Announcements  (updated on 06/2019)

Recent News  (updated on 07/2019)

  • 07/2019, We received the research fund for Ph.D. from Jiangsu province.
  • 07/2019, We received the research fund from Jiangsu association for science and technology.
  • 07/2019, I was assigned as an Associate Editor for IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution. 
  • 06/2019, Congrats Shu Chen(Online learning based demand aggregation), Zixin Cui(Using electricity consumption for the correlation analysis between human circadian rhythm and morbidities), and Lingshuang Yu(Using smart meter data for human circadian rhythm detection) on completing their senior designs.
  • 06/2019, We received the research fund from NSF-Jiangsu to study new residential demand aggregation method.
  • 05/2019,  We received the research fund from Jiangsu Provincial State Grid Economic Research Institute to study the planning and operation of the integrated energy systems for Jiangsu.
  • 03/2019,  We received the fundamental research funds for the central universities (2242019K40017) to study new demand aggregation method powered by IoT devices.
  • 03/2019,  We received the research fund from Global Energy Interconnection Research Insitute to study how demand aggregation can facilitate frequency regulation.
  • 12/2018,  We received the state key lab research fund from NARI (the largest electric power equipment vendor in China) to study how the regional electric power grid can benefit from distributed control algorithms.

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