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Qinran Hu / 胡秦然
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School of Electrical Engineering
Southeast University
Sipailou No.2, Nanjing, China
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Hi, this site is a place for myself to share things I am passionate about. I test various novel theories, I make hardware, and I study how these theories and hardware can help everyone interact with future energy systems. In the age of specialization, some might perceive this a lack of focus. But my experience taught me that some great ideas have come from the serendipitous cross-pollination of various interests. I always remember Jobs’ commencement address “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. ” Here, you may find some works which seem unrelated to conventional power systems research. But they are all originated from my vision of future energy systems: I believe the energy systems will be integrated with medical systems, financial systems, transportation systems, and imperceptibly change the life of each individual resident. So, in here hope you can find more about my research ……

Recent News

  • 12/2018,  We received State Key Lab Research Fund from NARI (the largest electric power equipment vendor in China) to explore how the regional electric power grid can benefit from distributed control algorithms.
  • 12/2018,  I received “Best Reviewer of 2018” award from IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid.
  • 11/2018, Our paper “Human Circadian Rhythm Detection Using Modern Power Grids” (submitted on 09/2018) is accepted by Global Energy Interconnection.
  • 11/2018, Serving as guest editor of a special issue on International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems – Integrated Planning, Operation and Control of Multi-Energy Systems.
  • 11/2018, Our paper “Dispatchable Generation of a Novel Compressed-Air Assisted Wind Turbine and its Operation Mechanism” is accepted by IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy.
  • 10/2018, I presented our work “Unlocking Underutilized Grid Assets by Learning Techniques” on 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy lnternet and Energy System Integration, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China
  • 09/2018, I presented our work “The Anomaly Detection of a Demand Response Survey Adopting Local Outlier Factor” and served as session chair on The 7th International Conference on Renewable Power Generation 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 08/2018, I presented our work “Power System Capacity Expansion under Higher Penetration of Renewables Considering Flexibility Constraints and Low Carbon Policies” on IEEE PES General Meeting 2018 at Portland, OR, United States
  • 03/2018, I presented our work “Unlocking Underutilized Grid Assets by Learning Techniques: A Case Study on Residential Demand Response” on 52nd Conference on Information Sciences and Systems at Princeton University